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Photography With a Different Purpose

As stated in my first blog post in October 2016 my main purpose for photography is to tell stories through images. For the most part that has meant sharing images of different places and people throughout the world in the form of landscapes, cityscapes, street photography etc.... Those aspects of my photography will continue but at the same time I will now focus my camera on trying to make a difference in the lives of people. Based on the continued polarization in my country that I love (United States of America) which was exacerbated by this last election and the policies, cabinet picks, executive orders etc... that have since followed I think it's my responsibility to help form the narrative with a goal of educating and enacting change if at all possible.

I haven't fully determined all of the ways in which I will use my camera in this manner but I plan to use it on things such as race, inequality, immigration, humanity etc... I have completed one project thus far which I'd like to share. It's called "We Deliver". This project focuses on the people and the tools of their trade on something I utilize multiple times per week, restaurant delivery. At first thought one might think this is quite basic and what's the message to be learned. I set off with my camera over a period of months taking photos of the people who get things from point A to point B. These people, who are generally immigrants, do this night and day in all kinds of weather, generally making minimum wage and many may not have health insurance. They are in plain sight but are practically invisible and I wanted to shed some light that many of them are hardworking people who play a major role in our economy.

To view this project you can access the Projects section of my website and click We Deliver. Thanks for reading and viewing.


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