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 About me

I am an amateur photographer who loves to live life and tell a story through images.  


Initially my passion for travel led me into photography primarily to document the places I visited.  Over time my desire for making images developed from merely documentation to storytelling.  This purpose of storytelling applies whether I am street / documentary shooting (my primary focus), travel or doing landscapes, city scapes etc...  Living in the New York City area, photo opportunities are abundant.  When I decide to shoot on a given day I rarely plan what I want to shoot and focus more on where I want to shoot.  I am generally rewarded with some sort of story to tell when I get home.    

In 2017 I decided to use my cameras to help educate myself and others and be a positive force for change based on what is happening in society.  The images on my Homepage will continue to change based on that mindset.   In cases where multiple photos are needed to help tell the story I will publish those as a series under the section:  "Photos in a Series".       

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me if you're interested in my work.        

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