I am an amateur photographer who loves to live life and tell a story through images.  


Initially my passion for travel led me into photography primarily to document the places I visited.  Over time my desire for making images developed from merely documentation to storytelling.  This purpose of storytelling applies whether I am street shooting (my primary focus) or doing landscapes, city scapes etc...  Living in the New York City area, photo opportunities are abundant.  When I decide to shoot on a given day I rarely plan what I want to shoot and focus more on where I want to shoot.  I am generally rewarded with some sort of story to tell when I get home.  


Many people feel that an image should speak for itself and does not require a title or description.  I prefer to title my images to help viewers get a better understanding of what I saw and felt at the time.   

I hope you enjoy my work and are inspired to pick up a camera to tell your story.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me if you're interested in my work.        

 About me

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