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#Resist – Women’s March NYC

As stated in my blog post on March 4, 2017 my main goal of photography is to tell stories through images. For the most part that has meant sharing images of different places and people throughout the world in the form of landscapes, cityscapes, street photography etc.... I indicated then that I will create images focused on important social issues with the goals of continuing to educate myself and others which will hopefully prompt us all to take action in enacting change to resist the detrimental actions and policies of this current administration. The images in this project are from the Women’s March in NYC which occurred earlier in January 2017. As I looked at many of these images while doing this post they have taken on a new sense of urgency and impact based on recent revelations. I felt it was time now to put these images out so we are constantly reminded of the threats to our democracy and to continue taking action to move us forward as a nation. You can access this project titled #Resist - Women's March NYC under the Projects section of my website or by clicking the image below.


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