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Iceland Full Circle - Part 3 (The East)

On The Road Again

After we left the Glacier Lagoon we ended our stay in the south and headed east. The further east we drove the less people we saw and more sheep we encountered. As usual there were photo opportunities everywhere. Towards the late afternoon the sun began to set and it got a bit foggy. This made for tremendous lighting and we pulled over to get a few shots along the way.

Seaside Sunsets

We had a fair amount of driving to do on this day to reach our destination; Djupivogur, a fishing village in east Iceland. In addition to some great photography, there was also some white knuckle driving as we made our way up the coast! The entire Ring Road is one way each way and one always needs to pay attention while driving. I could see Susanna pressing her foot on the imaginary passenger side brake from time to time. All's well that ends well; we arrived in Djupivogur just as the sun was setting and of course I took a few snaps before checking into the hotel….

East Side Clouds

The next morning we hit the road again and drove through the fjords in East Iceland. That day the clouds were low and covered much of the mountains and gave the place a mysterious feel.

In rare circumstances we saw a few cyclists from time to time during our drive. It’s not the safest environment to road ride and the weather changes rapidly. I was lucky enough to capture this hard core rider who happened to be female; hats off to her.

Dual Waterfalls

As we continued driving we started to leave the coast and head back into the mountains. The landscape changed dramatically from green to totally rocky, barren lava fields on our way to two more waterfalls, Dettifoss and Selfoss. Both of these waterfalls, which are walking distance from each other, are super powerful and located in the middle of a lava field. People, I am not making this stuff up.

Susanna and I were quite happy with the vacation thus far and if it ended on that day we would not have any complaints. But it didn't end and we had a lot more to see. Next up, the north! To access the next blog post in this series, click here.

You can see more of my Iceland photos in the Scapes section of my site.


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